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Exercise and the Immune System

Exercise and the Immune System

Physical activity has many health benefits, one of which is to boost the immune system and its fight against respiratory viral infections. Research shows that physical activity has an acute and chronically beneficial effect on our immune response and potentially reduces risk and severity of respiratory viral infection. With the current situation in Hong Kong, it is important to enhance our immune system and reduce the risk of infection through a lifestyle with regular moderate physical activity.

Further research also shows that immune cells appear to be most responsive to the effects of acute exercise. Acute exercise bouts of moderate duration (< 60 min) and intensity (< 60% VO2max) are associated with less stress to the immune system than prolonged, high-intensity sessions. With this in mind we can focus on short exercise sessions at home or a quick run in the park to keep our physical activity levels high without straining our immune system too much.

In light of the current public health issues CSE has had to close its facilities for a period of time. Despite such, CSE encourages all staff and student to continue to be physically active to keep our immune system strong and our body healthy.

Exercise Videos for Home Based Training

Exercise for Home Based Training

Home Based Stretching Exercise
Home Based Stretching Exercise
Home Based Circuit Training
Home Based Circuit Exercise
For additional CSE exercise resources please visit our Health & Fitness Education page.

How to Set Up your Home Desk Ergonomically

When you’re working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, make sure you set up your home desk ergonomically to be safe and comfortable. This will reduce your chances of injury and increases your comfort during work, which will help you be more productive and focused. The provided stretches and exercises help you re-energize during a long sedentary period behind your desk.

Online LIVE training

Join us for LIVE online training where you can follow and workout in realtime. Content includes office and home based training. Please follow our EIM@HKU facebook page to see our workouts so far and check HERE for the upcoming schedule.