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Membership Fees & Others Fees
Membership Fees & Other Fees
Internal Sports Membership
A. HKU Staff & Retirees
Starting from 1 December 2017, eligible staff* / retirees no longer need to apply for sports membership in order to access to sports facilities. Please refer to this announcement for more information for the latest arrangement for eligible staff and retirees.  For eligible parties who need to use a Facilities Access Card to access sports facilities, please also refer to this form for more details. (*Eligible staff refers to Full-Time / Fractional / Visiting staff as registered in the HRS records.)
B. HKU Alumni Annual Membership Fees (HKD)
Categories Principal Spouse Child (Each)
1st Year after graduation (Please further see Notes 1 below) 1,140 2,700 2,700

2nd Year and thereafter after graduation or Others (Please further see Notes 1 below)




Other Sports Membership
C. Others - Annual Membership Fees (HKD)
Categories Single Family (Principal + Spouse & 2 Children aged 2-18) Senior Child aged 19 or above Child aged 2-18
Community Membership 6,780 17,880 6,780 5,700
HKU-CSE Tenants Sports Membership 4,920 12,840 4,920 4,020
CSE Sports Membership for FT Students of HKU SPACE Community College / Centennial College 770 -- -- --
Senior Citizen 2,400 -- -- --
User Card
New Issuance of each Facilities Access Card (FAC) 50
Replacement of each FAC 150
Guest Fee
a) Guest accompanied by Community Members / Tenant Members / Foundation Members / HKU SPACE Community College or Centennial College Members 60
b) Guest accompanied by members other than those in a) above 30
Please see “Guest Policy” of the CSE for further details.
Others Fees for Individual User (Subject to Review)
Equipment Hiring Fee 10 / item
Car Parking Fee at Stanley Ho Sports Centre Please see this link (50% off for disabled people. Please see Note 6 below.
Floodlight Fee for playing tennis at night 30 / hour
Penalty or Fines 50 / session
Course Fee Please refer to HKU Event Management System

1). Alumni applicants who apply for the sports membership within the first year after they have obtained the first Bachelor's degree awarded from The University of Hong Kong are eligible for fee reduction. The membership fee for the first year (to be determined by the membership activation cut-off date on 30 June) is $1,140. Thereafter, the membership fee is $2,280 per year. The fees are subject to annual review and are non-refundable / non-transferrable.  The annual fee of Bachelor's degree graduates who have graduated for 2 years or above, and graduates of programmes at postgraduate level (e.g. PhD, Master's Degree, MPhil, Postgraduate Diploma / Certificate), regardless of the number of year after graduation, is HK$2,280.

2). To renew sports membership, sports members (except Foundation Members) can now do so via the CSE online membership system 1 month before the membership expiry.

Membership Category Renewal Application Submission Schedule
HKU Alumni A email reminder will be sent to current sports members 1 month before their membership expiry.  Members can login to the online system via the link provided in the reminder to apply for a renewal as appropriate.
Community / Tenant / HKU-SPACE Community College FT Student / Centennial College FT Student members
Senior Citizens
3). In case you need to collect your Facilities Access Cards, you are required to come to the reception counter of the Flora Ho Sports Centre (111-113 Pokfulam Road, Pokulam, Hong Kong) in person during the sports centre's opening hours to do so. (Please note that the reception counter may be closed earlier on some festive holidays. For details on early closure, please visit this page.)

4). Applicants for sports membership are required to pay $50 for the first issuance of a FAC (w.e.f. 1 July 2016). The fee of a replacement / unreturnable FAC is $150 (w.e.f. 1 July 2016).

5). Foundation Membership is the sports membership especially for those who have made donations to the HKU and become a member of the HKU Foundation (Please visit this LINK for details on how to become a member of the HKU Foundation).  Members of the HKU Foundation who would like to apply for CSE's sports membership for themselves as well as their family members please email to ihpmems@hku.hk  to obtain the application form. Any enquires on the Foundation Membership can also be directed to the above-mentioned email.

6) Disabled drivers of external groups who possess the identification label for disabled issued by the Transports Department shall be granted a discount of 50% of the parking fee at Stanley Ho Sports Centre upon approval of the parking request by the Facility Manager.


For enquiries concerning membership, please contact us at 2817-3657 or 2817-4046.