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  1. What are the opening hours of the CSE's Sports Centres and General Office?

    The opening hours of all of the CSE's Sports Centres and facilities can be found HERE.

  2. How could I get to the Flora Ho Sports Centre and the Stanley Ho Sports Centre?

    Both Flora Ho Sports Centre and Stanley Ho Sports Centre can be accessed by public transportation.

    A) Flora Ho Sports Centre (111-113 Pokfulam Road, Pokfulam):

    Buses (West-bound; stops are near MTR HKU Station Exit A1):
    CityBus – No: 7, 37A, 40, 40M, 71, 90B, 973
    New World First Bus – No: 3A, 4, 4X, 23, 30X, 46X, 91, 94, 970, 970X
    KMB – No: 103

    (Get off at the Pokfield Road 蒲飛路 bus-stop, walk down to a subway right next to the bus-stop. Follow the signage to get to the sport centre.)

    Buses (East-bound):
    CityBus – No: 7, 37B, 37X, 40, 40M, 40P, 71, 71P, 90B, 93C, 973
    New World First Bus – No: 3A, 4, 4X, 91, 93, 93A, 94, 970, 970X

    (Get off at the Fulham Court 富林苑 bus-stop and walk down for 1 more minute to get to the Sports Centre.)

    Please visit the website of Citybus, New World First Bus and Kowloon Motor Bus for the detailed bus routes, timetable and bus-stop locations.

    B) Stanley Ho Sports Centre (10 San Wan Drive, Sandy Bay):

    Green Minibus – No: 10, 10P, 10X, 58, 58A, 59

    (Get off at the main entrance of the Sports Centre)

    Please visit this website for the detailed mini-bus routes.

    Further information on our Sports Centre's location can be found HERE.

  3. Do I need to pay for parking at CSE?

    Eligible sports centre users can park in the Sports Centres. Parking fees apply.
    Detail information can be found HERE.

Individual Booking

(For internal and external group bookings, please click HERE)

  1. Am I eligible to use CSE’s facilities?

    Please click HERE for the eligibility for using our facilities.

  2. Do I need to make advance booking for any facilities?

    There is no need to make advance booking if you use the swimming pools, running tracks and fitness centres. However, for other facilities (e.g. tennis, table-tennis, badminton, dance studio), you are advised to make an advance booking as the use of these facilities are subject to availability. Please further see Q. B.3. & B.4. for details on how to make an advance booking. Of course, members can come to Sports Centres in person to make a booking on the spot and use the facility right after. However, the availability of the facility is not guaranteed in such case.

    Please note that for some sports facilities such as handball, softball, hockey, lacrosse facilities, they are only available for group bookings.

  3. How to make an advance booking of sports facilities and how much does it costs?

    Advance booking can be made through one of the following means:

    On-line booking via this link (only available for those sports members with access to HKU Portal); Phone booking at 2817 3768 (Flora Ho Sports Centre) or 2819 4427 (Stanley Ho Sports Centre); In-person booking at the Sports Centres

    Booking and use of facilities are free of charge except using tennis court or multi-purpose court at night time (at and after 1830 (Mar-Sep) or 1730 (Oct-Feb)) when users are required to pay a flood-lighting fee of $30/hour.

  4. How early can I make an advance booking? How many bookings can I make for a day?

    Sports members can make bookings 7 days in advance. All advance bookings are subject to the CSE's rules and regulations on facility booking. Some key regulations are highlighted as follows:

    Sports members will be limited to a maximum of 7 advance bookings (1 hour each for each facility booking) at any one time within 7 days. However, if individual members would like to continue to use the facility after their booked session ends and the facility concerned is still available (i.e. not booked by other members), they can go to the sports centre reception counter to make another booking (i.e. walk-in booking) to extend their use of the facility.Sports members are not permitted to book in advance for more than one facility booking at any one timeslot.Sports members are not allowed to make more than one advance booking for the same activity on a day. Please refer to the full CSE's rules and regulations on facility booking for more details.

  5. Why are the facilities at weeknights already unavailable though I try to make a booking 7 days in advance?

    Indoors sports halls at both Sports Centres are mostly reserved for the training and practices sections of the University's students who have the highest priority to use any of the sports facilities.

  6. How could I use the fitness room?

    In order to streamline fitness facility access to any of the three CSE fitness facilities, the existing FRAP (Fitness Room Accreditation Programme) has ceased to exist from August 31, 2014. Users are encouraged to read and understand the assumption of risk in using any of CSE's fitness facilities. Additionally, users who are unaccustomed to exercising are recommended to seek the advice of a medical professional before engaging in physical activity.

    Staff and students who are still interested in joining our Fitness Centre Introductory Course for each of the centers are encouraged to register online through the University's Event Management System (EMS) service. These orientation programmes will continue to provide staff and students with a platform for learning safe and effective use of equipment within each fitness facility. Users are also encouraged to seek the advice of attending staff members if they are unfamiliar with any equipment. To assist in helping you familiarize with our fitness equipment CSE has also provided descriptions and links to all of the equipment in all centers for easy reference.

  7. Do I need to cancel my booking if it rains or the weather is too humid to use outdoors courts?

    Hirers should call the Sports Centres (Flora Ho Sports Centre: 2817 3768 / Stanley Ho Sports Centre: 2819 4427) not earlier than 1 hour before the booking time to check if the weather condition at the Sports Centre and if the facility concerned is closed due to adverse weather. The Sports Centre staff would advise you accordingly. If hirers do not show up while the facilities concerned are still good for use, such will be considered as a "No-show" and the hirers concerned will be subject to a No-show penalty.

  8. Can I bring along my families and friends to the Centre?

    Please click HERE for the guest policy.