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Uni-Adventure Programmes

Uni-Adventure Programmes (Semester 1)

READ the General Information before enrolling to any sports programme.

General Information


All currently registered HKU full-time students and staff are eligible to enroll. Student/Staff card has to be presented if enrolled in person at Flora Ho Sports Centre.

Course Level

Unless specified, all courses are at beginner’s level. For courses at intermediate/advanced level, participants have to acquire certain levels of experiences in the activity. Prerequisite please refer to the course description.


Most activities is taken place at the Flora Ho Sports Centre (FHSC) in Pokfulam or Stanley Ho Sports Centre (SHSC) in Sandy Bay. Ice skating will be taken place at The Rink in Element.


Participants have to download the Attendance@HKU App preparing for attendance taking on the day of class. Please bring your mobile phone to attend the class and open the App together with the Bluetooth for attendance taking. Please take note of the designated point stated in the EMS about attendance taking for some of the courses conducted at pitches. Manual attendance taking will still be used for courses conducted outside HKU sports facilities.

Clothing and Equipment

Participants must dress in sportswear and wear sports shoes when attending sports course. For all indoor sports courses and tennis course, only non-marking footwear shall be worn. Sports equipment or special apparel will be provided for free.

Changing Facilities

All Sports Centre has changing rooms and coin-refund locker ($5 coin).

Right and Expectations

All participants should have the responsibility to create and maintain an environment that fosters the common interest and convenience for all users. For the safety and enjoyment of all, please follow the house rules while using the facilities and equipment. Please visit the rules and regulations governing the use of Sports Centre and Swimming pool

Rules and Regulations for course application

  1. Participants must present valid Student UID/Staff Cards when enrolling in person at Flora Ho Sports Centre. No enrollment made by phone/fax/email is accepted.
  2. Enrollment is processed on a first-come-first-serve basis and all applications must be followed by payment within 1 working day after the enrollment. Otherwise, registration will be revoked automatically and quota will be allotted to other applicants. Once the participant does not settle the course fee after the deadline, that participant will get an email informing about the revoke and he/she is not allowed to sign up for the same course again.
  3. Participants must ascertain if they comply with the criteria of concerned classes before enrolling.
  4. Participants should be aware of the time slots of different classes to avoid conflicting their time schedule before enrolling to sports course. CSE will not be responsible or refund for such reason.
  5. Participants have to pay the exact amount of the whole course. No application of pro-rata payment is accepted when the participants notice that they cannot join every session of the course after paying the course fee.
  6. Most of the sports course requires a minimum number of participants, any courses not reaching the minimum will be cancelled and participants will be notified via email for refund accordingly.
  7. Participants are not allowed to exchange the course with others or transfer courses to another person.
  8. Participants must complete the enrollment and payment procedure before attending a class.
  9. In the event of holiday or special occasion, participants will be informed about the rearrangement in case their classes are affected.
  10. CSE has the right to take photo of or videotape the class activity for the purpose of publicity and course promotion. Participant who do not wish to be captured by photo or to be shown in any types of publicity, please kindly notify CSE staff when such scenario happens to them.
  11. Please refer to CSE website for the most updated venue of the activities, courses and programmes.
  12. The CSE reserves the right to amend the details of activities, courses and programmes and participants shall be notified of relevant changes by CSE staff in due time.

Refund Guidelines

In the event of course cancellation arranged by the CSE, our staff will notify the affected participants by email and arrange the refund accordingly.

The CSE will not refund, arrange make-up class, exchange or transfer courses for any absence owing to personal reason such as time clash with lectures or tutorials, sick, travel etc. of the participants.

Safety and Rules

All participants are expected to recognize and accept the risks inherent in their enrolled activities. Part of the risk involved in participating an activity or programme is correlated with the participant’s own state of health (physical, mental or emotional) and the awareness, care and skill with which the participants conducts himself or herself in that activity or programme. The specific risks vary from one activity to another. All participation in sports programmes is voluntary and each participant knowingly assumes all risks associated with his or her own participation. In case of personal injury or accident happened during the class, please contact the instructor or Sports Centre staff immediately.

Participants are not permitted to conduct, or solicit for, any form of business within the facilities (e.g. personal training, private lessons, etc.), nor conduct or organize unauthorized paid or voluntary coaching sessions or group programmes.

Arrangement under Inclement Weather Conditions

Our staff WILL notify the affected participants for the following circumstances via SMS/email,

  • All classes will be cancelled if Black rainstorm or typhoon signal No.8 or above is hoisted.
  • Outdoor activities (Aquatics, Tennis & Golf) will be cancelled if Red rainstorm is hoisted.
  • If there is persistent heavy rain in Western district, classes involving outdoor activity (Aquatics, Tennis & Golf) may be cancelled.
  • Aquatics class will be cancelled if thunderstorm is found at the area where the Swimming Pool is located.

In case of uncertain inclement weather, individual participant can call the receptionists of Flora Ho Sports Centre (FHSC-28174046) or Stanley Ho Sports Centre (SHSC-28195450) NINETY minutes before the start of the class to check whether the class will be cancelled or not.

Classes cancelled due to inclement weather will have a MAXIMUM of TWO make-up classes following the original schedule PROVIDED the venue is available. In case no make-up class can be arranged due to venue unavailability, no refund will be arranged.

For courses conducted outside FHSC and SHSC, please refer to the guidelines laid down by the concerned organization or instructor.


Participants enrolled to any sports programme under Uni-Sports and Uni-Adventure are abide by the above terms and conditions. CSE reserves the right to make any changes to the above terms and condition without prior notice to individual participant.

Enrollment Procedures


Aquatics, Rackets & Ball, Yoga & Pilates:
7 September 2022
Dance & Physical Fitness, Martial Arts, Golf, Team Sports:
9 September 2022
8 September 2022

ENROLLMENT DEADLINE: Refer to the date specified at each class via the HKU Event Management System


HKU Full time student and staff are eligible to enroll to sports courses and settle payment through HKU Event Management System (HKUEMS) on a first-come-first-served basis.

Go to CSE website and select “uni-Sports Programmes’ or “Uni-Adventure Programme” on the left-hand side of the menu

  1. Select the category of Sports programme you feel interested.
  2. Click the “ENROLL” button to the sports course you wish to enroll.
  3. Login to HKU Portal.
  4. Click the ‘Register’ button for enrollment. If the course has been filled up, you will find the message ‘This event is full’.
  5. Fill in the information as required.
  6. Click ‘Submit’.
  7. Continue with the payment procedure by clicking “Yes, I would like to pay by credit card now” if you want to pay online with your credit card at the same time. [Remarks: you need to pay within one working day in order to confirm the enrollment, you are not allowed to re-register the same course if the deadline of payment is gone].
  8. You will receive an email acknowledgement if registration and online payment are successful. You can also retrieve your enrollment and payment status by revisiting your enrolled course at HKUEMS.


  1. Revisit your enrolled course with the specific URL stated at the email acknowledgement for successful enrollment.
  2. Click “Pay Online” and then “Yes, I would like to pay by credit card now”.
  3. Fill in your credit card information as required, click “Pay Now”.
  4. You will receive an email acknowledgement for successful online payment. You can also retrieve your enrollment and payment status by revisiting your enrolled course as in Step 1.

Course fee settlement method at the reception counter of Flora Ho Sports Centre (no cash is accepted) in between 07:30 to 21:30 (or up to 30 minutes before the official closure time of Flora Ho Sports Centre on special early closure dates)

  1. Visa/MasterCard/payWave/Octopus
  2. Apple/Samsung
  3. Union Pay (over $200 dollars or above)

FAQ is available to answer participants’ commonly asked questions, please call the receptionists at 2817 4046 for further questions.


  1. Are there still spaces available if the registration period is closed?
    Ans: NO.

  2. Is there any waiting list?
    Ans: NO but you can visit EMS to see any sports courses are still having vacancy and allow registration.

  3. Any chance to add additional quota?
    Ans: Possible and please send email to unisport@hku.hk

  4. How can I drop the class?
    Ans: NO, you cannot drop the class once the payment of the registration is settled.

  5. Will there be any reminder sending out before the course?
    Ans: NO. However, you will receive an automatic confirmation email when you completed the course payment.

  6. Do I need to pay the course fee when I register the course?
    Ans: Participant need to pay within ONE working day, otherwise, the registration will be revoked automatically after the payment deadline. The participant is not allowed to sign up for the same course again.

  7. I have not got a credit card, how can I pay the course fee?
    Ans: Payment by Cash is not allowed. Please come to the reception counter of Flora Ho Sports Centre in between 07:30-21:30 to settle the payment by Octopus and Apple/Samsung Pay.

  8. Can I transfer course from one to another?
    Ans: NO.

  9. Can I swop course with others?
    Ans: NO.

  10. I do not understand Cantonese. Can I still join the course?
    Ans: YES, the course will be conducted in both Cantonese and English.

  11. Are we required to bring our own rackets to class?
    Ans: You can bring your own if you wish, or else, the equipment will be provided for you.

  12. Can CSE arrange a make-up class for me due to my absence?
    Ans: NO. Make-up class will only be arranged if the class is cancelled by CSE.