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HKU sports facilities are first allocated on an annual basis to various user groups and programmes according to a priority list that has been approved by CSE Management Team. Once the requirements of these groups have been satisfied, bookings are accepted from students and sports card holders, and various internal and external groups.

Details of Individual Booking, Internal Group Booking and External Group Booking are as listed below:

Individual Booking

Online Individual Booking (only for HKU students and staff with HKU portal account)
All HKU Full-time students and staff with HKU portal account are welcome to make booking via the Booking System for FREE (Daily quota, floodlit charge and guest fee will be applied).
Individual Booking by Phone (for sports members without HKU portal account)
To book facilities, please call CSE’s booking hotline at 2819-4427 (Stanley Ho Sports Centre) or 3910-3568 (CSE Suen Chi Sun Hall Multi-purpose Room).
Scale of Charges
Entitlement and regulations regarding different types of members:
Individual users are strongly advised to read the following regulations which govern the use of the sports facilities before they start their activities at our sports facilities:

Internal Group Booking

HKU Student or staff group has to register at the CSE in order to be granted privilege in using the online booking system and/or through the submission of Internal Group Special Booking Application Form to make booking to the sports facilities.

Guest coach/team/player/official entry request : https://fm.cse.hku.hk/
(Please submit your request at least 3 working days in advance of your booking)

Scale of Charges
For groups which are granted with online booking privilege, a list of the Executive Committee of the group endorsed by the HKUSU or Faculty has to be provided in the registration form. Only the Chairman of the Executive Committee has the right to remove or add its members into the online booking system in administering the booking for the group.
Sports facilities which require special booking:
  • Athletics Track & Field (Full stadium)
  • Grass Pitch 3 (Soccer)
  • Whole Swimming Pool (HFSP)
  • Whole Indoor Sports Hall

    For groups which are granted with right to make booking via the Internal Group Special Booking Form, the quota assigned to each internal group is 8 hours for each academic year. Definition of quota please refers to point 3 under C of the Internal Group Booking Policy.

    For details about regulations governing internal group booking, please read Internal Group Booking Policy

    Internal groups are strongly advised to read the following regulations which govern the use of the sports facilities before they organize activities to its members:
  • External Group Booking

    HKU supports community sports participation and prepares to allow external organizations/schools to make booking at our sports facilities especially during Non-peak hour (08:00-16:30) on weekdays. Occasionally, HKU will allow organization to run major events at peak hour. The income generated will be used to support the facilities operation as well as its future development.

    Bookings can normally be made within 3 weeks of the event date. For hirers who wish to make bookings beyond 3 weeks of the event date, please call or email the booking officer to seek approval from the Facility Management team first. Such booking will subject to at least 10% surcharge to the hiring fee. Additional surcharges will apply to booking with special request in venue setup, catering service, scale of event, use of special equipment, number of attendees, etc. Waiver to any fee requires justification and hirer may be asked to provide relevant documents to support the request.

    School/Organization which is the first time wishing to hire the sports facilities can check out the list of facilities and the scale of charges first, and then send a Booking Inquiry specifying the needs to the Booking Officer at csebooking.officer@hku.hk or call them during office hour (0900-1230 & 1400-1700) at 3910 3558. When we notice the possibility to accommodate the booking request, hirer will be asked to submit a formal booking application via our External Group Online Booking System (EGOBS). For details about regulations governing external group booking, please read External Group Booking Policy. For hirer who is NOT the first time hirer, please check the venues’ availability before submitting an application via the External Group Online Booking System (EGOBS)External Group Online Booking System (EGOBS).
    The following application forms are only used when the hirer cannot use the External Group Online Booking System (EGOBS):
    External Booking Form (updated on Feb 2023)
    Climbing Wall Booking Form (updated on Feb 2023)
    For mega event, package price instead of normal scale of charges may apply.