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Programmes for Special Populations

Programmes for Special Populations

One of the missions of our Active Health Team is to work with individuals who suffer from or are at risk of developing, inactivity related chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and osteoporosis. Special programmes have also been developed for elderly and those suffering from obesity. We serve as a hub for clinicians, exercise specialists and other allied health professionals in promoting health and physical activity among these special populations.

UHS-CSE Medical Referral Exercise Programme
HKU, as the first Gold Level EIM campus in HK, has established the UHS-CSE medical referral scheme that refers patients from UHS to qualified exercise professionals at CSE for evidence-based exercise programs.

The Medical Referral Exercise Programme is a two-session testing and training package for patients who had limited experience in fitness training. Our exercise specialists will conduct initial assessments to evaluate your need and design a personalized exercise program to help you become more physically active and achieve your desired health goals. UHS physician referral required.

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Exercise Group for Cancer Survivors
More and more research studies have shown that regular exercise is not only safe during and after cancer treatment, but also brings significant benefits to cancer survivors. Exercise during cancer treatment has shown to results in less fatigue and improved physical fitness, with resistance exercises programs appearing to contribute to maintain quality of life. The purpose of the program is to introduce exercise in a safe and supportive environment and to empower individuals to manage their own physical activity and wellness.

Benefits of exercise to cancer survivors include:
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Manage pain
  • Improve sleeping patterns
  • Reduce bone mineral density loss & maintain muscle mass
  • Improve metabolism & physical function
  • Improve quality of life
This exercise group has been established for people who have been diagnosed with Stage I-IV cancer within the past two years and who are undergoing or have completed cancer treatment.

For more details and registration, please check HERE

Functional Rehabilitation Referral Programme
AHC Exercise Specialists will help you regain your strength and mobility through safe, effective and functional exercise training, which will positively complement your acute injury rehabilitation programme at UHS.

Please contact our Exercise Specialists to discuss how we can suit your needs.

FitRx for Special Population
The FitRx for Special Populations, run by our qualified exercise professionals, aims to provide client-centered, small group education/training sessions to those with special needs.

For more details, please check HERE

Nutrition-Exercise Referral
This programme is jointly organised by the Active Health Clinic and HKU Space Dietetic Clinic for Teaching and Research, targets those who are inactive or who have medical conditions that could benefit from prescribed exercise and nutrition advice. The scheme offers participants the opportunity to receive personalised counselling, assessment, exercise prescription and dietary advice.

Please check HERE for the programme brochure