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Those that are unfamiliar with equipment in any of our CSE centers are encouraged to ask the attending staff on the appropriate technique. Below are links for descriptions of each equipment at each fitness center.

Staff, students and CSE Sports Members can also enroll in Fitness Room Accreditation Programmes/CSE Active Fitness Orientation Programmes to acquaint themselves with the basic principles of training and the equipment in the fitness room. Please check the HKU Event Management System for the upcoming programme schedule.


CSE Active Stanley Ho Sports Centre G/F, Suen Chi Sun Hall
Multi-purpose Room
 Chest Exercises
Chest Press
 Chest Exercises
Seated Chest Press
Chest Fly
  Chest Exercises
Pectoral Machine (Technogym)
Pectoral Fly (Lifefitness)
Chest Fly (Precor)
Chest Press (Technogym)
Chest press (Precor)
 Upper Back Exercises
Lat Pull down
Biaxial Upper Back
 Upper Back Exercises
Assisted Chin Up
Lat Pull Down
Seated Row
 Upper Back Exercises
Lat Pull Down
Upper Back Exercises
Assisted Chin Up (Hoist)
Lat Pulldown (Precor)
Vertical traction (Technogym)
Seated row (Technogym)
Seated row (Precor)
 Shoulder Exercises  Shoulder Exercises
Rear Deltoid Fly
  Shoulder Exercises
Rear Deltoid (Lifefitness)
Shoulder Press (Technogym)
Shoulder Press (Precor)
 Biceps & Triceps Exercises  Biceps & Triceps Exercises  Biceps & Triceps Exercises
Biceps Curl
Triceps Press
 Glutes, Quads & Hip Exercises
Hip Flexion
Leg Press
Hip Extension
Leg Extension
 Glutes, Quads, Hip & Hamstrings Exercises
Leg Press
Lying Leg Curl
Leg Extension
 Glutes, Quads, Hip & Hamstrings Exercises
Calf Raise
Leg Extension
Glutes, Quads, Hip & Hamstrings Exercises
Leg Press (Technogym)
Leg press (Precor)
Leg Extension (Precor)
 Hamstrings Exercises
Leg Curl
    Hamstrings Exercises
Leg Curl (Technogym)
Leg Curl (Precor)
   Calf Exercises
Seated Calf Raise
 Abdominal Exercises
Ab Crunch
 Abdominal Exercises
Leg Raise
  Abdominal Exercises
Ab crunch (Technogym)
 Lower Back Exercises  Lower Back Exercises
Back Extension
  Lower Back Exercises
Back extension (Precor)
Back extension (Technogym)