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CSE and Chinese Martial Art Club co-organize Wing Chun Kuen Workshop
06 Jan 2020

On 30th October evening, a joyful Chinese Martial Art Workshop co-organized by CSE and CMA was conducted in the combat room of Flora Ho Sports Centre. 18 participants had engaged in the practice of Wing Chun Kuen (詠春拳) in this workshop together.

We went through the practice routine, Siu Nim Tau (小念頭) with instant usage among each other and hit the Wooden Dummy (木人樁) to learn about the philosophy and application principles of Wing Chun Kuen. Participants also tried to practice the long pole, named Ludianben-gun (六點半棍) with sandbag to feel how pragmatic it is in weapon fighting scenes.

A very fruitful experience with various things to learn and we have a fun night.