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Staff Sports
Staff Sports
Team support - Venues:
The CSE aims to support as much as possible the use of CSE sports/recreational facilities and encourages the development of staff sports team participation in friendly training or competitions. The CSE also tries to provide regular bookings to CSE venues for recognized/legitimate HKU Staff Sports Teams that will be reviewed regularly to ensure efficient use of our facilities (based on availability and demands, and not purely historical).

Team support – CSE Staff Sports coordinator:
The CSE has allocated part of a staff’s role to help coordinate issues to deal with HKU Staff Sports Teams. Should you need help, advice or to provide comments/feedback on how to enhance support for HKU Staff Sports Teams – please see below for contact info:
Mr. Raymond Lui, Facility Coordinator, Tel. no.: 25642328, raylsf@hku.hk
Current Staff Sports Teams: Training Days, Venues and Times (subject to change):
Please feel free to attend the training sessions below in order to make contact with existing players.

If staff wish to form a new or another recognised staff sports team for regular training/competition, please feel free to contact the CSE Staff Sports Coordinator cited above and present your case in writing together with evidence of interested/committed members, plus who will be the Sport Convenor. Each case will be considered on its merits and venue availability etc.

Table Tennis

Basketball (Suspended due to COVID-19)

Flora Ho Sports Centre Sports Hall

Day & Time: 1130-1330 (Sun)
Free Registration: Click HERE

Soccer (Suspended due to COVID-19)

Stanley Ho Sports Centre, Pitch 3

Day & Time: 0830-1200 (Sun)
Free Registration: Click HERE (Team captain only)


Flora Ho Sports Centre Sports Hall, Court #4-6

Day & Time: 0930-1130 (Sun)
Free Registration: Click HERE
Street Running

Street Running

From Main Campus to Sai Ying Pun

Day & Time: 1830-2030 (TBC)
Free Registration: Click HERE