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Programmes for General Population

Programmes for General Population

The CSE offer a wide-range of health and fitness programmes for staff, students and community members to help them become more physically active. These include sport and fitness activities run under Uni-Sports and Uni-adventure as well as health and fitness programmes such as, Personal Fitness Guidance, Medical Referral Programme and Exercise is Medicine for Health Programmes. Personal Training and Exercise for Life programmes.

Group Basis

Exercise for Life Programme
This is a 10 week individually-tailored exercise programmes monitored by our Exercise Specialists and is offered at CSE Active and Active Health Clinic. The programme includes an initial fitness assessment and personalised fitness evaluation, an individualised and regularly adjusted exercise programme prescribed by an Exercise Specialist, and supervised exercise classes 3 days per week.

For detailed information about the programme, please check HERE

Yoga at Stanley Ho Sport Centre
Relaxing Stretch and Yoga Strength
Yoga is a good way to release stress, build up strength and release muscle tensions. Classes running at the Stanley Ho Sports Centre include -
Relaxing Stretch - Every Monday at 8:30 - 9:30am
Yoga Strength -Every Thursday at 8:30 - 9:30am

Programme details and Registration, please check HERE

Active Health Fitness Classes
Work out under the supervision of our trained instructors and have more motivation and fun whilst exercising by joining our group classes. Whether you join our Group Class Package or opt for a walk-in session, our great variety of classes challenges you to work harder and help reach your fitness goals.

Programme details and Registration, please check HERE

Individual Basis

Fitness Centre Orientation Programme
This 1 hour orientation programme aims to guide users on how to use the equipment at each of the Stanley Ho, Flora Ho and Active fitness facility in a safe and effective way. Principles of training and basic equipment operation will be covered in this programme. Programme schedule and registration, please check HERE

Personal Fitness Guidance
Are you looking for personal training but it is too costly? Would you like a personal coach to give you specific advice on starting fitness training? Personal Fitness Guidance is a 2-session testing and training package for beginners that aids in the development of exercise habits with better understanding of personal health and fitness goals.

The first session will be a series of generic fitness tests that assess your current health & fitness level and identify areas of health risks. The second session will be a training session with individualized program that aims to direct you towards your personal training goals. Through guidance by our Exercise Trainees / Personal Trainers, participants will learn the correct and safe ways to use fitness equipment, the basic concepts of physical fitness and training, and knowledge of proper and effective ways of doing exercise.

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Personal Training
The Personal Training Programme aims to provide one-on-one fitness and health training sessions to our members. Led by our team of highly qualified exercise specialists, personal trainers, and strength and conditioning specialists, this group of health and fitness experts will guide and monitor any of our members toward reaching their optimal results in accordance with their personal goals and individual abilities.

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